Interview with Keigo Oyamada (Cornelius, A Japanese Musician)

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The following interview with Keigo Oyamada (Cornelius, a famous Japanese musician) was published in Japanese music magazine "Rocking on Japan" in January 1994.

Keigo Oyamada: "Bullying in my school was terrible."

Inteviewer: "But, you said you were on the side which bully someone."
Keigo: "Yeah. I bullied many classmates. I think I bullied them really really badly. Take this opportunity to apologize for (laughs). I mean, my bullying was so cruel."

Interviewer: "You did outrageous things?"
Keigo: "Yeah. I did many things against humanity. I made my classmates naked and bondaged. Besides, I forced him to masturbate. I also forced him to eat my shits and thorw him with backdrop."

[Folloing sentences are tentative translations.]

The guy they Sawada. Epoch-making man this guy is pretty, I've been turning up, at least in second grade. It already runs a shock to the whole school (laughs). I mean, do not you come and introduce yourself to the transfer or, more suddenly (like a tone language disorder) "is Sawada" is like saying, "Wow, great!" I do not be. , And has been transferred to the first day, I was shit. Or something of that shit in elementary school is because something is for a felony, does not there?
So, you know something, "Robocon" The term "Robopa" It's like I have has been transferred. (Laughs). At all like I thought, I'm not used like that, do not be surprised much. The name is already widely known in an instant, I came great guy (laughs) In a way, it is a star.
There is like a cardboard box, put Sawada in then, bound in duct tape to round the whole, I opened looked like holes in the air (laughs) "Hey, Sawada, are you okay?" And is said, "Daijob ..." 'm saying (laughs) or something out there on the blackboard, "It's poison gas attack!" I do flap, Toi alone or with some time to come hours later, I tried hard not respond or anything, " Ine ass "" I do "or say," Well, just remove duct tape here, whether viewed from the side of the room, "I'm looking at removing, suddenly came out crisp, how do you say ? I said I can do something really interesting. ... Do not stop over Wake, "Momma ... I will," or something, I'll say that (laughs) or to the people or so lol.

And a jersey, everyone will get rid of, but nothing to be cock out, because it is not anything for another guy, but I'm still hanging around the cock out. But be sure to cock Decca guy, but since I'm in elementary school, high school again and be around, the bigger is increasing with more (laughs) Do not react like a girl. So get rid of the people on purpose, to let you walk or corridor.
Disabilities, people who say I like this, I'll build up a library for some reason. The library is called, Hiroshi Hazime another theme park in feeling (laughs) And not just grade my house, why not the kind of guy all year, to become a refuge, a place I'll escape, Son There also is called in society, people are hard core funny you called Tanigawa Osa I said, the most amazing one on George Street, I took the initiative, I'm a little afraid of him that everyone. That guy is not the partner. The deaf guy, you're tall teeny romance. With a face like a half South American and what is black in color, like they're in a duo together. You like him or even a swagger in my house such a grade.
Sometimes something like that to "go see everyone," "How you doing during recess?" Is like saying. S that you love, or three, including me, I was about four people, you can go to see, is wrestling with the popular guy among them (laughs). In front of the library, there is a ring like, you're doing sumo.
Club or drums, so I was anymore. The filtrate was doing things like in the gym, the club itself. So, I've put a lot of things, but usable. So, what was not the case got killed or mattress to roll, and was doing such a thing, or you put in the vaulting box.事欠Kanaku props are, or are you doing Nipatto ー from jumping on the mat. That I'm crazy, I'm sure (laughs)

Murata, I touched it since I was in elementary school. I also knew this guy was a little strange. I never had a chance to touch the different classes but, entering middle school, the class was the same. In many it is not an eccentric. The called Murata, the man on the border with fairly, you're crazy sick in the head after all, I'm stupid, but guy confusing is amazing that, with tiny Also things like the body, this guy so and Sawada reverse type Mukau in the temper, and you or being bullied, no Well wrapped up against, hit pounding in like a wall or head myself, "Damn, damn!" and (laughs), like a comic really a. Bibitsu up and everyone is done it, pull it. "I reckon it is dangerous," me.
I'll take a bath, he'll be (laughs) First, smell, and itchy like his hair, I'm scratching my head is Korikori. One by one going to pull some hair. So, I was bald I want 10 yen, to really look for a bald Bokotsu and only there. Or not at all to study, or even after all movement, not at all.
Murata, but I knew I was not against anyone being apart, suddenly brought a lot of gum, put out what everyone distributed. "What that guy, I'm having so much gum? Find out," meant to me, is to call, "You got the gum so what?" She said, "I bought it" and said there to be. About three days, there is such a great prosperous good times. And then to go with, to let you buy various mon.
And then, after about three days, to come to school here and made the blue button. "You did what?" Kiitara or "Boom parents were beaten," to say (laughs). I heard my wallet stolen fifteen million of the parent. Do not stop you from what I use it, or do you buy gum like that (laughs). So, the three days called to him as it were, it was so popular I had a period. Came fifty million people gathered in. Is pretty stupid, "I buy" I was told I only.


Bed in our house - not a server or group of Tsu and I got caught. Is then, do not do technical or professional wrestling. Is not it hue not ordinary backdrop for instance? But him (You Murata Note) from the light, it is matured in the breeze. The Burenbasuta or (laughs). I got excited with it, somehow. I got something to put him in all the wrestling technique. Determined as the interesting "to Yarashi again," or saying.
I did not feel that I'm bullying another. Well I'm bullying (laughs). Tentatively, to ask him to form a "backdrop to Yara," I say (laughs) "- The Guide!" Like I was doing.
, The senior got something to appear there. The man got you all seem to be misunderstanding something, unknown type called bulk limit. I got into the laundry with a string tied round something. "It will masturbation" I got said there. "You say, I like" Who is (laughs). The guy is like sitting. I got the lead in the seniors something. I mean pull it or something and I'll go that far. But you have to be something that he lost, she still goes there. Then you something that I'll get a strange position. The line to be called the more interesting, I will have fun. "This is not it crazy," She said she called the line or, I think each person to go through it pretty hard core if person. "You say, who I like saying" like. "Apart from ..." and saying something, burn! Hippatai or combed or "Oh, fear - for example," to think like you (laughs). "Matsuoka's (pseudonym) is like saying" (laughs). "Well and get to masturbation," or saying. "... I will Matsuoka," I got said there.

Had a child with normal classes in special schools were like any other. Because it changed to private. I, a saying from the time of elementary school syndrome, was one I knew. It seems like I have a special school on the back of the school. Machida because rural people, or left to field yet. So, like in high school, do not smoke cigarettes or to go outside during a break at all. In almost all there is to go back hills.

Tobacco smoke or, by then in a daze or something, I'm doing the marathon, the school for people. By wearing a jersey, a man in a navy blue jersey, jersey girl in the engine, I'm running is something. , And I'm a syndrome.

"Oh, I wonder who runs syndrome heaven," I said to cigarette smoke. Then the other one, I have people coming Syndrome Is not everyone who faces the same syndrome?

"Huh? Did he just passed?" I will say (laughs). I'm a big hue and a little earlier than him. Next, this time going to run people like syndrome Tottotto engine wear clothes, "Huh? This woman?" To you (laughs). 10 or the last guy has all the same faces, but I wonder teeny Daa Dekkai - I wonder I came running. "Gah grinded" saying I got (laughs)

Murata's call home. Mom came out. I heard that Murata is currently doing a live clerk of pachinko parlors. Part-time off school to Wakou.

Mother, "I thought the middle school also honest and committed suicide. But talking to parents and children going to solve. Like a child's personality can be bullied from my house there. Koyamada you doing in good health It looks like "

Murata's family also contacted the resident is 取Renairashii. The number of pachinko parlors are also teaches 貰Ezu asked many times, and finally the phone was cut in the middle.

Mom came to call friends even Sawada. Rachi and I just can not open phone, no appointment from the nearest station. "I'm coming close to it ..." one of the largest mansion in Denentyouhu could meet directly with Sawada.

According to the mother, "learning disabilities," he said. Both families "Yes" "Yes," but not much conversation. Now, go to calligraphy and pottery classes twice a week at a nearby health center. Reintegration is not.

Mom: "After graduating, I've had worse. Just because they are surrounded in a house with people who know. Oyamada with you, but I did and thought he was getting along"

If I can talk if ■, do we do?

"Separately, hey I have never said Ssu. (Laughs) But I Do not stop, or I can meet, I wish you'll feel like talking absolute Seems Like Old Times. Do not stop, but something. I do not think to tease apart I. [are you doing now?] like that (laughs). [are you doing byte pachinko?] I (laughs), [did you pick up balls?] (laughs).'ll think gonna do I "

I thought ■, if I can meet 済Mashitai in?

"Me? Murata and I did not expect to meet another. And I think that you meet interesting meeting. Sawada and miss, I"

■ do not want to meet face especially people say is, I have not translated?

"Hey would it be? Does that mean I'm a, I guess I wonder if a bully?"

What distinction is ambiguous ■.

"How Well Do not stop your so called. [Is this really a bully?] Called. It certainly is a terrible"

■ whether called conscience conclusion is not in my left?

"Hmm .... But, maybe people feel like, I like to think. I'm bullying people. Something I'm not at all, hey mon tea or talk unapologetically so"

Yes ■. While listening to the laughing, too.


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